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Wow, It has been while since I last posted. I believe the dust is just settling for me in Denver Colorado. I have also been busy with my new part-time position as a professor at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and finishing up my 6th photographic book for Amerherst Media Books which you can read about on my other blog betterphotosonline. I am finally getting around to working on why...

Downtown Denver

After three months of selling our home in Missoula, packing our stuff ( or as my daughter refers to as " crap" ; 900 miles of travel, with a stop in Sun Valley and Rock Springs Wyoming and a car break down 10 miles north of Denver ( Vtec Filter) we have finally settled into our Airbnb just North of Downtown Denver. The beginning of a new life, new friends, exploration and creative growth.

The search for a permanent home begins, our car has been repaired, the kids enrolled in school, possessions (crap) are in storage and the refrigerator is stocked with yummy food. What I like about...


NOW IN DENVER: After living and working in the beautiful town Missoula, Montana for the last 11 years our family is moving to Denver this month. We are excited about the new adventure and feel this will be our last stop. I am not sure what is in store for us but look forward to making new friends, exploring new places and seeing old friends. If you are in the Denver area please contact me so we can exchange ideas and dreams in one of many coffee shops.

Tower Falls

Last summer my family and I drove to Denver for the annual Indian/ Nepal Heritage Camp at Snow Mountain. On our way we decided to go through Yellowstone National Park, a first for all of us. Ideally I would have like to stay in the Park for at least a week but since we were on deadline to reach the camp we only had two days and one night.

I have seen lots of wonderful images from Yellowstone Park in Magazines and have heard only great feedback from friends who have visited the park. So I was stoked to at least experience it myself.

Even though we arrived the July 4th weekend...

Behind the Scenes

Photographing the Missoula Nutcracker , behind the scenes

I was asked if I could photograph the dancers of the Missoula Nutcracker Ballet on the day of their last performance. I would set up a make shift studio in the cavernous dance studio below the stage and when the dancers were not performing they would come down and be photographed.


Johanna Jumps

I just finished shooting my 4th catalog for Everest Designs. Through the years we have all evolved. Everest Designs created a micro economy in Nepal by having all their clothing products manufactured in Kathmandu.

I have known the owners, Matt and Choti, for ten years and I am always in awe of what they have created. Starting out by selling Nepalese hats at the weekend market in Missoula. Their hats were popular and eventually they opened a store and grew big enough to open a distribution center that sells the Everest Design Brand to stores around the world.

The latest...

The Bennett Home

I have recently signed up with ImageRights to keep track of my images and see who in the world were using them without my permission. To my dismay there were many.

I started this adventure in July, when a woman from the east coast asked about one of my photos of a craftsman style home I had taken. She wanted to know the architect so she could purchase the plans. I asked her where she saw the image and her response was " It is all over the internet." The alarm bells went off. I decided, to track down the illegal usages, were too much for me and decided to hire...


An introduction to how a photographer from the East Coast traveled West and almost lost his mind.

It all began almost 10 years ago, no wait, it really started over 20 years ago when I met this woman at a NYC party and eventually became my life partner, introduced me to the Rocky Mountains.

I had never traveled to the Northwest, except to the big cities like Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles for photo assignments. Montana was just a big State I would fly over and look down and wonder, "where are all the buildings? Why would any one want to live there?" When in love, one...