Behind the Scenes

Mom's taking over my makeshift studio while I am photographing some of the Nutcracker Dancers....

The Nutcracker

Photographing the Missoula Nutcracker , behind the scenes

I was asked if I could photograph the dancers of the Missoula Nutcracker Ballet on the day of their last performance. I would set up a make shift studio in the cavernous dance studio below the stage and when the dancers were not performing they would come down and be photographed.

I set up the lights and was ready to shoot...sort of ...after the first three groups, my strobes stopped working...whoops..Turned out this old facility put all the outlets into one circuit and I blew the fuse. The tech guy came to tell me that and shrugged his shoulder..good luck...

Being a veteran of near disasters...I didn't panic and problem solved. First I went to my off camera speedlight flash and shot some groups but the lighting wasn't up to my standards. Then, once the tech guy fixed the fuse, I realized I had power strips that I could use to redirect the I tried it and thankfully it worked..and for the next 6 hours I photographed the wonderful and colorful characters of the Missoula Nutcracker....What a fun way to close out a very busy year of taking photographs ...and for a good cause.