Tower Falls

Tower Falls

Yellowstone National Park Competition

Last summer my family and I drove to Denver for the annual Indian/ Nepal Heritage Camp at Snow Mountain. On our way we decided to go through Yellowstone National Park, a first for all of us. Ideally I would have like to stay in the Park for at least a week but since we were on deadline to reach the camp we only had two days and one night.

I have seen lots of wonderful images from Yellowstone Park in Magazines and have heard only great feedback from friends who have visited the park. So I was stoked to at least experience it myself.

Even though we arrived the July 4th weekend it was manageable . Outside of tourist behaving badly, getting close to the Bison or crossing over the boundary lines, it seemed the thousands of people visiting were pretty well behaved and traffic was no worse then Missoula traffic during rush hour.

After exploring Mammoth Falls for a couple of hours, it is a very surreal experience we decided to get away from the crowds and head south. It was a pretty hot summer day and my daughter spotted a market that had ice cream, so we stopped. Not interested in ice cream but more interested in taking photos my son and I found an old trail that went down. After about a 15 minute walk I turned to my left and that is when I saw Tower Falls, in all its glory.

I hadn't brought my tripod but wanted to try to capture it using a slow shutter speed, to create movement in the water. I also took advantage of my HDR preset on my Canon D7 Mark II camera. I found a tree to lean on and took several shots. I realized my son and I had been away from the rest of my family for a while so we raced back to the store to reunite.

When I got back to Missoula after our 10 day trip I was going through all my images and flagged the image of Tower Falls. I then started searching the internet for photo competitions for landscapes and came across the " Yellowstone Forever" competition. It seemed like a perfect fit for some of the images I had taken so I entered and forgot about it.

About 4 months later I received an congratultory email that my image of Tower Falls had been selected as one of 250 semi-finalist , there were a total of 12,000 entries. I was stoked and truthfully never expected to hear back from my initial entry. I say that because I felt in order to really capture Yellowstone you had to be there for weeks and constantly shooting. I am happy to say I proved myself wrong.

Currently I am waiting to hear if I make the final 100. If not I am ok with that know that my image made the semifinals.